Then More Blasts From The Kapelle (Album; Eigenvertrieb; *2006)

Loss And Risiko; You Can Take Me Out Of The City, But You Can't Take The City Out Of Me;
I Won't Love The World; None Of Them Has Paid; She Got Go (Revisited); South Korean Girl;
What Is A Steak Without A Knife (Again Edit);

7 (E.P.; Eigenvertrieb; *2005)

So Near But Still So Far; Senses Present Flare; Notitle

15 Minutes (Vinyl Single, phoebe music; *2004)

S ide A: 15 Minutes; Side B: Let Hunger Win The Sexual Thing

Clean Causes (Album; Eigenvertrieb; *2003)

Shine And Die Away; Second Third Servant Or Slave; I can't stand up resist and fight;
Let Hunger Win The Sexual Thing; Recall; The Turnaround Of The Preachers Soul; She got go;
Convenience Single Hit; Isbn-0-00-255919; Sensual overload; Great day

We're All Part Ofd The Show (E.P.; Eigenvertrieb; *2002)

Second Third Serveant Or Slave; Remedy; I Can't Stand Up Resist And Fight;

Celebrity (E.P.; Eigenvertrieb; *2002)

What Is a Steak Without a Knife; Great Day; Dorian Gray

Losing My I.Q. (E.P.; Eigenvertrieb; *2001)

ISBN-0-00-255919-6; Losing My I.Q.; Let Hunger Win The Sexual Thing


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